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The Fourscore & Seven Project Video Series is a pivotal endeavor by the New Majority Foundation to dive deep into the profound challenges of our time. In each installment, we showcase comprehensive conversations on topics spanning fiscal responsibility, election reform, community safety, education, and governance that meets the people’s needs. We feature enlightening perspectives from policymakers, scholars, and activists to cast a bright light on the root causes of our social and governmental troubles.

Informing & Engaging Topics:

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Understand the nuances of economic issues and the significance of governmental accountability in California’s financial landscape.
  • Cost of Living: Delve into the factors influencing living expenses and how they affect the livelihoods of working families.
  • Community Improvement: Explore safety, homelessness, and public education, seeking viable solutions to these concerns and elevating quality of life.
  • Election Reform: Discover the crucial role of impartial elections, independent redistricting, and the preservation of election integrity.

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